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Reaching Out - SPKF Patient Services

The following health and welfare services and assistance are provided for patients with kidney and urological disease in the West Texas area by the South Plains Kidney Foundation:

  • food vouchers and gift cards, on a monthly basis
  • nutritional support in the form of diet supplement
  • financial assistance for needed medications
  • temporary lodging
  • medical supplies
  • transportation assistance to and from dialysis centers
  • dental work
  • patient education materials
  • patient newsletters
  • organ donation education program
  • medical alert jewelry
  • pre-dialysis education program
  • minority health education
  • emergency financial assistance

The West Texas Dialysis & Transplant Support Group

* For anyone dealing with Chronic Kidney Disease: Pre-Dialysis, Dialysis, Transplant (any Organ), Chronic Kidney Disease, pre/post Transplants & your supports

  • Meets Quarterly, the last Tuesday of that month from 5:30 to 7 pm (unless otherwise announced).pre-dialysis education program
  • Co-Sponsored by UMC and the SPKF

This support group meets for the encouragement, education, and advocacy of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease; Pre-Dialysis, on Dialysis, Pre or Post Transplant, their family members & caregivers. Please contact your Dialysis Center Social Worker or Amie at the South Plains Kidney Foundation 806-283-7357. See the flyer here.

Chronic Kidney Disease - Stages 1-5 and Information

Kidney Disease Possible Symptoms. See info here.

CKD Stages. See info here.

CKD Nutritional information. See info in English here. See info in Spanish here.

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