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Reaching Out-SPKF Patient Services

The following health and welfare services and assistance are provided for patients with kidney and urological disease in the West Texas area by the South Plains Kidney Foundation:
  • food vouchers and gift cards, on a monthly basis
  • nutritional support in the form of diet supplement
  • financial assistance for needed medications
  • temporary lodging
  • medical supplies
  • transportation assistance to and from dialysis centers
  • dental work
  • patient education materials
  • patient newsletters
  • organ donation education program
  • medical alert jewelry
  • pre-dialysis education program
  • minority health education
  • emergency financial assistance

ANNUAL "A Day for You" Patient Symposiums - Each Fall

The SPKF is the only local organization that  exist to serve the needs of the renal disease patient and to advance research to overcome the associated diseases involved. 


2017 Annual Patient Symposium - Date Pending


2016- Entitled "Telling your Story" will be held at the Elks Lodge on 35th and Milwaukee Ave. Starting at 9:15 the symposium is for patients and their families. It is designed to provide education and encouragement to people with kidney disease, their families and renal professionals.

The program will feature Dr. Brackeen (Dermatologist), Brian Corwell, R.N.; Motivational speaker Sam Trevino; Budgeting with Greg Pare and Bone Mineral Issues.

17th Annual Patient Symposium

On Tuesday, September 18, 2014, the 16th Annual "Empower Yourself: Take Control of your Kidney Disease" was held at the Convention Hall at Prosperity Bank at 15th Street and Ave Q. We enjoyed a large gathering of patients and their families and our program featured some of the latest information on aspects of kidney health and disease management.

The Educational Curriculum included

1. Good Nutrition Can Help Prevent Kidney Failure
2. Understanding Treatment Options
3. Depression, Coping Techniques and Conflict Resolution
4. Care of Dialysis Accesses
5. Intimacy and Sexuality
6. Community and Governmental Resources

During the event information was given on both the physical aspects of kidney disease as well as psychological and spiritual ways that people cope. Venders will be present to answer questions and to make some terrific give-aways.

For the 2015 event you can register Click Here. You will need Adobe Reader which can be downloaded from here. As a community-based organization we appreciate the help of other organizations in underwriting this event with donations. To find out more about this important role click here.


Past symposiums have been terrific. In a moment of fun, Dr. Brian Carr and his "10 minute theatre" presented "Road to Wellville" detailing a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Our Past Executive Director Lana Rolf presents one of our lucky participants with a gift certificate. Not only do you learn, you also get to win with SPKF.

Medical Symposium 2015

The SPKF is strongly committed to professional education. Each year the SPKF of West Texas presents a comprehensive workshop series on issues surrounding advancements in diagnosis and treatment of kidney and related disease.

On Friday, May1, 2015 the Medical Symposium was held at the Knipling Conference Center at Covenant Medical Center.

Read the Symposium flyer here.

Read about the CME dinner to be held the night before here.

Medical Symposium 2014

The Medical Symposium most recently was held on May 2, 2014 at Knipling Conference Center at Covenant Medical Center.

Past program topics have included:

  • "Clarifying Stages of Behavior Change"
  • "Analyzing Learning Styles"
  • "Targeting Adult Learners"
  • "The Internet & Medical Practice"
  • "Ethical Dilemas in Organ Donation/Transplantation"
  • "Congestive Heart Failure, Diuretics & Volume"
  • "Hypertension: 2001 Outpatient Management"
  • "Transplant Immunosuppression Update"
  • "For Better or Worse: The Renal Spouse & Family"
  • "The Therapeutic Use of Antioxidants in Heart Disease"
  • "Improving Glucose Control in the Diabetic Renal Patient"
  • "Recognizing Syndrome X as a Public Health Issue"
  • "ESRD Funding Impact on Patient Care"
  • "First Aid for Care Givers"

    NEPHKIDS chat Group Now On-Line

    A new Internet discussion group, NEPHKIDS was recently established to provide a public forum. NEPHKIDS is designed for families with children who have kidney disease. The chat group provides educational information and support for participants and allows them to share common experiences. Families, older adolescent patients, physicians, nurses and other renal health care professionals are welcome to participate.

    To subscribe, send an e-mail to
    majordomo@UAlberta.CA stating "subscribe NEPHKIDS".

    The SPKF also provides Awareness Campaigns and ongoing education on kidney disease and organ donation to the general public. For more information please contact our office by
    clicking here.

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